HTA Science & Engineering, Inc.

About HTA

HTA was established in 1988 as a unique consulting engineering practice.  We are a family operated company. Our goal is to provide clients with practical solutions to pressing environmental challenges.  Decades of experience serving both private industry and government have shaped HTA’s technical and administrative rational.  HTA personnel have worked at the local, state and federal levels with assignments from all sectors.  Our technical knowledge is based on foundation of formal education at several leading universities in environmental engineering, sanitary engineering, civil engineering, and other sciences.  HTA has the unique ability to attack your problem with a balanced point of view.  Through constant research and solution development HTA has maintained the “Industry Standard” results using more cost effective customized methods.

HTA is licensed by the California State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. HTA also has a Class A Contractors License with Hazardous Waste Certificate (CSLB #813806). HTA is a Certified Small Business. HTA is Fully insured and enjoys a very low risk rate. Our employees are licensed and certified in several relevant areas.

Example Certifications